Streaming Solutions (IPTV)

A Complete IPTV Service
QuarrySoft is one of the few experts in providing a complete solution for streaming and content distribution. We develop applications for a wide variety of over-the-top boxes. Last but not least, not to forget the present Smart TVs and Mobile devices. We will have the IPTV infrastructure built on customer site to make it more cost effective for customers than charging them premium. Our high-level technical specialists offer proactive, round-the-clock, end-to-end support to our customers. Our consultants and engineers have been active in developing and implementing streaming solutions for wide variety of industries and organizations for many years and will design a solution to fit your needs.
Over-the-Top Boxes
With increasing cost of Cable and satellite TV, many consumers are switching to more affordable and accessible streaming alternatives such as Android, Linux, Roku and many other over-the-top boxes. We have a wealth of experience in creating IPTV applications that are optimized for these devices.
Mobile Streaming
Streaming platforms, which we use, helps us in streaming to all popular mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets, HTC, BlackBerry and other Smartphones. We support multiple bitrate streaming and can scale resolution to fit the different devices connecting to your stream.
If you need it, we can also develop streaming apps for the Apple, Android and BlackBerry stores and websites that run in mobile browsers.
Streaming Solutions
Live Streaming
Live and prerecorded video and audio streaming with multi-platform support to OTT boxes, Smart TVs and mobile devices. Stream your content to any number of viewers in any part of the world. Our technology allows both SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) video to be broadcasted to the location of the end user at variable bit rates and resolutions. We can adjust the playback of your stream based on the time zone the viewer is in, ensuring that your content reaches the largest (and most profitable) possible audience at a schedule that is the same across the globe, wherever your viewers may be.
Video-on-Demand (VoD)
With the rise of affordable and accessible streaming technology, consumers have become adapted to accessing high-quality video and audio anywhere and at any time. Making your content available on demand is one of the best ways of reaching a larger audience and enabling them to choose what they want to watch and access it when they want to watch it. VOD is also another way you can monetize your content: through advertising, pay-per-view, and monthly or annual subscription fees.
Streaming Events and IP Cams
Planning on one-time event that you want to stream. We can have you broadcast in real-time of any event, to all the devices and screens we normally stream. You can even stream your IP cams to viewers on computers, mobile devices, and even IPTV/OTT set-top boxes. We can create single or adaptive bitrate H.264 streams on any screen.
IPTV Monetization & Analytics
There are several monetization options for content owners wanting to expand their revenue sources by streaming live or on demand video and audio. Streaming live video to devices gives you the option of charging viewers monthly or annual subscription fees or earning money by placing banner ads on your channel page. We can also help you password-protect your computer and mobile streams so you can manage subscriptions yourself. We have developed full VOD and live streaming websites with user accounts and subscription fees for multiple clients. You can also work directly with advertisers and sponsors to integrate ads into your stream or product placement directly into your original productions.
Our streaming solutions come with access to our statistical analysis platform.This provides you with all the necessary information about your stream, including: Real-time and historical viewer numbers and graphs. You can also see from what countries your stream has been accessed. It also gives you the tools to improve your stream by showing you what kind of content attracts the most viewers and where youraudience is geographically located.

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