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    • iOS App Development
    • iOS – With control of more than half of the mobile marketplace in the world, developing an application for iOS devices ensures access to over 100 million users. Apple mobile devices are equipped with stunning retina displays for gorgeous user interfaces and a leading-edge operating system for engaging, interactive applications. Our iOS developers have extensive experience developing custom applications for Apple devices for clients of all industries, sizes and business goals. Whereas our mobile development team brings out a high-quality iOS app, we have an on-site Support and Maintenance team to monitor key business metrics and security to ensure your application is always running at optimal performance levels.
    • Android application development
    • More than a million devices activated each day, Android has become a tough competitor for Apple, Windows and BlackBerry. The Android platform is undergoing constant innovation and has less restrictive guidelines than iOS, all attributing to its reputation as a developer’s playground. Android applications reach a very wide and diverse audience, making it a perfect platform for developing enterprise, productivity and consumer applications alike. The high-performing Android operating system is equipped with the opportunity to build intuitive user interfaces and custom functionality for any business need. Our Android developers have an impressive record of experience creating technically savvy apps for both smartphones and tablets. We offer ongoing Support and Maintenance services to ensure that your application is running at optimal levels 24/7.
    • Blackberry Application Development
RIM has recently introduced several touchscreen devices as well. Originally favoured by businesspeople for its high-level security and facilities such as push email, instant messaging and Internet service. The feature-rich, business-centric mobile apps developed by us are highly scalable and robust, which enhances the way your business interacts with your target audience. Our transparent approach towards the development lifecycle empowers us to execute competent and effective Blackberry / J2ME based mobile applications that improvise the productivity of your business, leveraging quick turnaround time, qualitative parameters and cost-effective services. We cater to the demands of your evolving business by providing high-performance Blackberry development services to supplement your mobile operations.…
    • Windows Mobile Application Development
    • Microsoft’s mobile market share is steadily gaining momentum. Their operating system has a unique, highly visual interface with a backend that is designed to easily integrate with other Windows powered software to make the most out of your existing systems. Windows powered devices have flaunt stunning displays, intuitive haptic controls and streamlined interfaces that lay foundation for top mobile apps. We are equipped to support and develop leading-edge mobile solutions that leverage all the benefits that the Windows OS has to offer. Our in-depth understanding of the Microsoft suite of technology empowers us to build a complete, cross-platform enterprise solution that is tailored to your business needs. Seamless backend integration with products including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Exchange Server and Microsoft Office Live set Windows Mobile applications apart as a top choice for enterprise-grade solutions.
  • Create Mobile Sites
  • With smartphones and tablets now accounting for more than 23% of global web traffic and growing, having a mobile optimized website is now more important than ever. Due to the decreased display real estate of handheld devices, most websites are very difficult to navigate and can send users looking for alternatives. Utilizing modern web languages including HTML5, CSS and WML, our developers create web applications that look and feel like native applications on any mobile platform. Optimizing a website for mobile browsers provides the opportunity to emphasize website calls to action and streamline information architecture to engage users. The portability and connectivity that a mobile website provides allows your business to reach your audience in new, more targeted ways while capitalizing on faster performance and download speeds.

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